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Font Awesome 4.0 MVC Bundling and Minification

I had a couple of Asp.Net projects, particularly Single Page Applications created using either angularJS or DurandalJs frameworks. Since I am not the greatest graphic web designer, I often style my boilerplate code, with free css/javascript framework libraries like jQueryUI

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Visual Studio 2013, unable to launch IIS Express Web server

I upgraded my hobby development PC from Windows 8.1 Preview, to the real deal, Windows 8.1 Release version… First disappointment, was that all my programs have to be reinstalled, but this is another story/rant. So, I upgraded to Visual Studio

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AngularJS Password Match form validation

AngularJS has some pretty interesting augmentation on the way forms work. Some basic validation is supported out of the box. Form validation is “activated” when input controls are inside a form tag.  And also, form control states are created which

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