Font Awesome 4.0 MVC Bundling and Minification

I had a couple of Asp.Net projects, particularly Single Page Applications created using either angularJS or DurandalJs frameworks. Since I am not the greatest graphic web designer, I often style my boilerplate code, with free css/javascript framework libraries like jQueryUI etc… I recently had been using Font Awesome icons to further style web pages.

Prior to version 4.0 which was released today, everything works (i.e. the icons are there). I upgraded today, and poooof, the icons were gone!

First of all you will need to change the syntax on how you make the icons appear on your content.


<i class="icon-camera-retro"></i> Some Label

Version 4.0:

<i class="fa fa-camera-retro"></i> Some Label

Bundling and Minification

The previous bundling and minification code, looks like this:


But after the upgrade, it doesn’t work!!!

I did some comparison between the previous Font Awesome css file and saw these differences:

Version 3.2.1:


Version 4.0.0:


Of course the directory structure changed too (installed via nuget)

Version 3.2.1 (ignore the other font files):


Version 4.0.0:


So how do we fix this?

There’s a little know class called CssRewriteUrlTransform in the Sytem.Web.Optimization namespace that will help us solve this issue, or any css file that references url relative resources. The new code would now look something like:


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  • Leandro Camilo

    This don’t works if your website served under a folder, like The CssRewriteUrlTransform change to /content/xx.woff and not /yoursite/content/xx.woff. How to solve this problem?

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      Hey Leandro! I am facing the same issue. were you able to resolve it?

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    didn’t work for me using font-awesome 4.7.0. It seems to be a problem related to font-awsome new versions