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So, I switched from  Apple to AndroidTM device sometime towards the end of last year. As a  software developer myself, I was particularly attracted to the Android framework given the fact that it is open source (i.e. I could read the source code if I really want to), the entry barrier for a hobbyist to start writing applications for it isn’t that high (no need to buy an Apple computer), and it’s spearheaded by the folks at Google, which should be cool. I had used some of the Google-spearheaded frameworks, particularly the angularJS framework, and I am pretty happy with it (except for the docs).

So, as an outdoor enthusiast, I started playing with maps and such. I came up with this application, where you could get up to date information on related road conditions, for travelling within my home province here in Alberta, Canada right on your phone/tablet.

Get it on Google Play

There’s the gallery view – one of my favourites. It’s actually entertaining seeing traffic cameras all over the province.



You can also save your favorite spots (unlimited with Premium Upgrade), so that you don’t have to scroll too much through all the photos.


Of course, for trip planning purposes, you want to be up to date with the weather conditions and the road conditions.




I have also added border crossings, for those who are frequently travelling to/from the States:



Of course, I wouldn’t have left out, the wonderful parks here in Alberta, Canada!!!



I implemented, the Navigation drawer concept, to make it easy for the users to access the features of this app



So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

Android app on Google Play

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