Beautiful Canadian Base Maps using ESRI Javascript APIs


I’ve been an on and off visitor of Natural Resource Canada’s  website, often looking for cool stuff , for use with my armchair mountaineering activities recently. I “just” found out that they have new mapping services offered and I immediately set out to test them. I was particularly interested in using the hill shader layer – could be used for making games!

I chose to implement the maps using ESRI Javascript API, since it is easier. Geogratis used ESRI’s solutions, so obviously, there is less friction to use their platform especially for POC purposes. I used leaflet.js to consume these basemaps as well and it still works with some additional work (map coordinates re-projection).

Long story short, head over to my Github page for this project to view the source code.

Sample page (Web Mercator) =

Sample page (Lambert Conformal Conic (ESPG:3978)) =


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