Beautiful Canadian Base Maps using ESRI Javascript APIs

I’ve been an on and off visitor of Natural Resource Canada’s  website, often looking for cool stuff , for use with my armchair mountaineering activities recently. I “just” found out that they have new mapping services offered and I immediately

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Crash & ANR For some weird reason, my Calgary +15 App, stopped working! #@$#$#! It had been running smoothly, and I didn’t change anything with my codes, so what happened? It turns out, my data source – one of the

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Low Cost RAW photo files backup strategy

Aspiring Photographer As a computer programmer, I always like to have a silver bullet for every software problem that I want to solve. So when I finally convinced myself to go broke by buying a DSLR camera instead of another

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El Cheapo Notification System using Windows Azure Notification Hub and Google Cloud Messaging

The Premise Most if not all organizations nowadays place a lot of emphasis on timely information dissemination to its team members. On some entities, this timely information, can make a big difference between success and failure. For example: 1.) You

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Forray into Android Applications

So, I switched from  Apple to AndroidTM device sometime towards the end of last year. As a  software developer myself, I was particularly attracted to the Android framework given the fact that it is open source (i.e. I could read

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Font Awesome 4.0 MVC Bundling and Minification

I had a couple of Asp.Net projects, particularly Single Page Applications created using either angularJS or DurandalJs frameworks. Since I am not the greatest graphic web designer, I often style my boilerplate code, with free css/javascript framework libraries like jQueryUI

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Visual Studio 2013, unable to launch IIS Express Web server

I upgraded my hobby development PC from Windows 8.1 Preview, to the real deal, Windows 8.1 Release version… First disappointment, was that all my programs have to be reinstalled, but this is another story/rant. So, I upgraded to Visual Studio

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AngularJS Password Match form validation

AngularJS has some pretty interesting augmentation on the way forms work. Some basic validation is supported out of the box. Form validation is “activated” when input controls are inside a form tag.  And also, form control states are created which

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typeahead.js directive for angular.js

Some fellows at Twitter open-sourced their implementation of autocomplete.  They called it typeahead.js. Head over to their documentation pages to read more details about this awesome library. It is important that you understand the parameters/options that the library needs in

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angularJS Button directive with busy indicator

In my previous post, I was experimenting on creating an overall “busy” indicator for a current page. The KoLite helper has a very good feature implementation for buttons (and more) where it can show an indicator that an operation is

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