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Crash & ANR For some weird reason, my Calgary +15 App, stopped working! #@$#$#! It had been running smoothly, and I didn’t change anything with my codes, so what happened? It turns out, my data source – one of the

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Visual Studio 2013, unable to launch IIS Express Web server

I upgraded my hobby development PC from Windows 8.1 Preview, to the real deal, Windows 8.1 Release version… First disappointment, was that all my programs have to be reinstalled, but this is another story/rant. So, I upgraded to Visual Studio

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Back to WordPress from OrchardCMS

For some reason, my previous blog at GoDaddy, running for half a year suddenly stopped working! I tried to do a fresh install of OrchardCMS, but it still didn’t work.  I finally gave up, and haphazardly installed WordPress on my GoDaddy

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