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Font Awesome 4.0 MVC Bundling and Minification

I had a couple of Asp.Net projects, particularly Single Page Applications created using either angularJS or DurandalJs frameworks. Since I am not the greatest graphic web designer, I often style my boilerplate code, with free css/javascript framework libraries like jQueryUI

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requireJs, bundling and minification

When you start building large-scale web applications, it will become apparent to you later on that you can’t just put all of your code into one or two javascript files. If you had been programming the object-oriented way before, you

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SPA Authentication and CSRF MVC4 AntiForgery Implementation

Introduction This post can be rather long and actually contains 2 concepts. I will share my experiments in porting ASP.Net MVC4’s authentication to work with the HotTowel SPA template. As well, in implementing the AntiForgery token approach of preventing cross-site

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